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Your windows are one of the most important features of your house. They allow natural sunlight to make your house look more attractive. It is important to regularly clean them to extend the window’s life, improve the energy efficiency of your home, and increase its curb appeal. Cleaning your windows yourself can be a time-consuming job and dangerous if you have to climb a ladder to clean exterior windows above the ground levels. Without the expert window cleaning knowledge or the right tools and high-quality products that a professional company like ours possesses, cleaning your windows is a difficult task! Contacting a professional window cleaning service like ours is the best option for you, we will do all the hard work for you and leave your windows looking crystal clear!

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Windows can build up dust, grime, and dirt over time which can affect the appearance and lifespan of your windows. Via squeegee or water-fed pole we will take away all the dirt from your interior and exterior windows. Water-fed pole systems eliminate the need for a ladder and are more efficient which ensures the safety of our employees. Our methods last less time than standard window cleaning but the result is better and will last longer. There is no residue left behind and the finish is sparkling.

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Cleaning the windows screen is crucial to improve the air quality of your house and keep your loved ones healthy. We offer a window screen cleaning service that will remove the built-up dirt by using the safest and most effective cleaning products in the market. We will even handle the oxidation in your windows screen. Our products and techniques ensure long-lasting durability. You will have windows so clean that will make your house shine and at the same time, you will be protecting your loved ones from dirty and make sure your windows screen stay in the best condition for the longest time.

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The window tracks are one of the window parts that most people don't care about but it easily builds up dirt, grime, and mold. Over time, that buildup can prevent the windows from closing and opening properly which is going to affect the energy efficiency of your home and allow the dirt to enter your house. We start by cleaning the window panes and check the window tracks. If it is full of dust or dry dirt we will use a special brush and vacuum to remove all grime and debris and then wipe them clean!

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  • All of our technicians have insurance. Never allow any company that doesn’t have insurance to work on your property because it could cost you a lot of money if something goes wrong. Our company cares about the safety of you and our employees.
  • We only work with high-quality cleaning products that are safe and know the right techniques to use each tool for each type of window.
  • Our team has a trained eye that can detect a potential problem in your windows and advise you properly before it becomes a bigger problem.
  • Our work will leave your windows looking crystal clear which is going to make your house look appealing and increase its value.

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Residential Window Cleaning Las Vegas

Danny is Superior!! He is very professional. My windows look amazing. It was also easy to make an appointment and he was on time. I would recommend their Residential Window Cleaning services to all my clients and friends. Thank you Danny at Superioe Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing.

Michele Mittemiller

Residential Window Cleaning Las Vegas NV

Danny is excellent, our windows look fabulous! He is very professional and detailed in his work. He came out to our home for the first time the week of Thanksgiving, literally fit us in right before leaving town. Pleasant to have in our home while working. We would highly recommend Superior Residential Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing. Danny is Fabulous!

Jill Smith Tripp

Residential Window Cleaning In Las Vegas NV

Danny was courteous, efficient and professional. My windows are bright and clean. Danny also offered to do a touch-up should it rain the following day, as there were clouds but it did not rain. I love to look out my windows now, thanks to Danny and their Residential Window Cleaning services!!


Frequently Asked Las Vegas
Residential Window Cleaning Questions

For interior and exterior windows we clean them the best way possible with the traditional and skillful use of a scrubber and squeegee. For the window screens, we carefully remove the screens, brush off the dust, and wash them. For window tracks, we will use a specialized brush to scrub and vacuum all the dirt out and then proceed with microfiber towels to wipe and dry them clean to perfection.

We use the productive window cleaning water-fed pole system which removes the need to use a ladder and allows us to safely clean up to 3 stories high from the ground.

Regular window cleaning is crucial to increase the lifespan of your windows and maximize the appearance of your home. We recommend that you clean your windows professionally quarterly throughout the year. However, we also offer other packages depending on what fits your needs best. Contact us today for more information on our different package options to find which one is best for you.

The price depends upon many factors including the number of windows you have, if you want us to clean both the outside and interior windows glass and how dirty the windows are. Contact us to get a free and personalized quote for the exact price.

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